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If you want to run your own business, or want to enhance your employment opportunities in the sector, we offer a range of both nationally recognised and endorsed qualifications from Business Administration to Wedding and Events Management.

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  • Level 4 Wedding Planning and Events Management

    “Probably the best career opportunity in the last 20 years". This is how a leading employment consultancy recently described the marketplace for Wedding and Event Planners in the UK.

    Do you see life as a series of opportunities to party, and revel in that concept? Could you be trusted to plan and coordinate the most important day in someone’s life? Does the idea of a brand new career in a thriving industry appeal to you?

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Beauty Therapy

    More and more people, particularly women (but increasingly, men too!) are concer...

    Focusing on the essential aspects of beauty therapy, this course explores everything from the basics of anatomy and skin care right through to the application of makeup products and how to work professionally in a salon environment

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Freelance Journalism

    Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to see YOUR name on under the lat...

    A popular choice for budding journalists and copywriters, the Freelance Journalism course is ideal for any writer seeking a rewarding and independent career as a freelancer.

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Human Resources

    This programme is designed for people who work in or wish to work in the field o...

    The fascinating Human Resources course from Distance Learning Plus focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and understanding required from modern-day professionals.

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Nail Technician

    Working in the beauty industry is both interesting and varied. Job satisfaction.

    Over recent years there has been a huge increase in demand for personal grooming products, as well as a massive growth in start-up businesses within the beauty sector.

    From £9.99

  • Level 2 Small Animal Care

    Do you love animals? Are you looking at getting a new pet or want to train to ...

    Do you want to be a responsible pet owner? Working in the pet care industry? Are you interested in teaching your children how they should look after their pets? Then this course is for you.

    From £9.99

  • Level 4 Human Resources Management

    Human Resources (HR) Management is the latest outstanding additi..

    Already working in human resources and want to advance? This level 4 course is ideally suited to anyone who is interested in a career focussed on essential human resource matters, at a managerial level.

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Employment Law

    Employment Law is the latest outstanding addition to our Busin...

    An exciting new addition to our Business Professional series of courses, the Employment Law course offers a rich insight into the fascinating world of employment law.

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Virtual Assistant

    Are you a good administrator? Do you have strong...

    With the rapid increase in new technology, it’s no surprise that even personal assistants have gone virtual.

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Retail Management
    Retail Management - Non-regulated qualification endorsed by Focus Awards under the FQP scheme
    Many people still believe that Management is more of an art than a science. If this applies to you, then you really do need this course. The reality could not be further from the truth. T

    From £9.99

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