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  • Level 3 Beauty Therapy

    More and more people, particularly women (but increasingly, men too!) are concer...

    Focusing on the essential aspects of beauty therapy, this course explores everything from the basics of anatomy and skin care right through to the application of makeup products and how to work professionally in a salon environment

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Criminology

    A fascinating introduction to the world of crime - its types, causes and consequ...

    Are you fascinated by the workings of the human mind? The Criminal Psychology course is accredited through the Focus Awards Focus on Quality Provision (FQP), and is a perfect introduction to the stimulating world of criminal psychology

    From £9.99

  • Level 3 Health and Social Care

    Are you looking to work in the health and social care field? Are you interested...

    The Health and Social Care course has been specifically developed by professionals, and offers students the competencies, skills and insights required in all fields of the health and social care sector.

    From £9.99

  • Astronomy - To Infinity and Beyond

    Have you ever looked up into the sky at night and wondered which of those tiny pinpricks of light is Venus? 

    Have you ever looked up to trace a shooting star or pinpoint far distant planets? Does the night sky captivate and beguile you? Our Astronomy course could be perfect for you.

    From £9.99

  • Management Studies (Non-Accredited)

    Some people think that the "science" of Management owes more to folklore and mag...

    f you're up for a challenge, then you'll enjoy this course. While studying it, you will probably learn a great deal about yourself that you weren't previously aware of.

    From £9.99

  • Employment Law (Non-Accredited)

    Employment Law is the latest outstanding addition to our Busin...

    An exciting new addition to our Business Professional series of courses, the Employment Law course offers a rich insight into the fascinating world of employment law.

    From £9.99

  • Web Design

    Stake out Your Own Plot in Cyberspace – Design, Create and Manage Your Own Web...

    Are you interested in web design? The fantastic Web Design: The Basics and Beyond course is the ideal choice for both designers and newbies.

    From £9.99

  • Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

    Scholar, teacher, and Boy Scout administrator Forest Witcraft said in a 1950 edi...

    A truly valuable and rewarding choice, the Higher Level Teaching Assistant course is perfectly suited to those seeking a career focused on developing young minds in the classroom.

    From £9.99

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We offer a range of packages to suit any learner, so you can choose the course, and level of support you need. Our unique pricing plans are unrivalled, and offer the greatest level of flexibility, so that you can study completely in your own time, at your own pace, without deadlines.

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