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Distance Learning Plus News

Best Foundation Course

Posted December 647, 2021 by admin & filed under Distance Learning Plus News.


One of the foundation courses offered by Distance Learning plus is the “Level 3 Marine Biology”. This course is a non-regulated qualification endorsed by Focus Awards

In this foundation course, you will get an overview of the fascinating and stimulating subject of life in the sea. You learn all of the underpinning knowledge needed to pursue a career in Marine Biology. This can be used or applied to any pastimes and sports associated with the sea, such as maritime archaeology, marine conservation, sub-aqua diving, etc.

You also explore the ocean as an ecological habitat and understand the incredible way aquatic animals live and behave. Learn about different species and breeds in the marine environment from the Arctic north and Antarctic South to the Equator, and from the sunlit surface to the pitch black of the deepest ocean trenches. In short, if you are ‘into’ the stimulating world of marine ecosystems, this course is for you.

If you’re looking for a course that can provide a light starter for more complex marine studies in the future, this course would be a good idea. Just go to DLP’s website and learn more about the different courses they offer. https://www.distancelearningplus.com/foundation-course/level-3-marine-biology/

Another foundation course you might want to look up is Astronomy. One of the leading experts on the subject in the UK created this amazing course. If you are fascinated by the mystery of stars or anything beyond our atmosphere, this course should excite and delight you at the same time.  The author’s passion, excitement, and sheer enthusiasm for the subject are very evident in this course.

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