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Distance Learning Plus News

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Posted October 2123, 2021 by admin & filed under Distance Learning Plus News.


The ‘disciplines’ of business and commerce have never been more difficult to pursue in the UK than they are today, in the (almost) post-pandemic – and hopefully, post-lockdown – period we’re beginning to think of as “Covid Survival”

At the time of writing – mid October 2021 – many UK businesses have ‘gone to the wall’ in the last 18 months or so. Even well-known “household names” have disappeared in the incredibly tough economic climate. As a direct consequence, unemployment is becoming unacceptably high.

Through the government’s “Furlough” scheme, thousands of employees in particular have received 80% of their wages or salaries for doing nothing and staying at home. What a mess that has created. It’s now difficult to recruit new employees or bring them back. They’ve got used to daytime TV, loads of ‘free’ time to do nothing, and feel they don’t need to work.

However, some people have taken the time to reflect on, and had the opportunity to consider, changing their career paths as the nation returns to work.

But having the relevant qualifications to be able to do so quickly is can be problematic.

Colleges and universities have business and commerce courses available in some disciplines and subjects, but they’re typically subject to vetting of eligibility and are usually studied formally, with inflexible start dates set by terms or semesters, and face-to-face teaching in bricks and mortar institutions.

This inflexibility creates massive opportunity for innovative distance learning providers such as Distance Learning Plus that deliver their business and commerce courses remotely, using a secure online portal that can be accessed from anywhere at any time with just a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Distance Learning Plus, a leading light in the UK’s distance learning fraternity, developed an innovative Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) during the lockdowns. The VLE provides a safe, secure learning environment accessible from home or any other “clean” environment with an Internet connection.

We have a thriving student community, all learning remotely through our pandemic tested, battle-ready VLE, many of whom are studying business and commerce courses to change careers and better themselves.

Learning remotely is much more affordable than anything delivered by educational mainstreamers, and many courses are nationally recognised by employers as they result in qualifications registered on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).

Management studies, assessor qualifications, and specific subjects such as HR, accounting and entrepreneurship are all available from Distance Learning Plus and are flexible enough to fit in around full-time work, a frenetic social life, and even single parenting. They also come with up to 12 months dedicated tutor support. Why not enroll on one today?

To find out more about the business and commerce courses available, visit the DLP website at https://distancelearningplus.com

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