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Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

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    Periodic Tutor-Marked Assignments, No Exams.


    **Reasonable standard of literacy**

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    Level 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant


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    Prior study is not a prerequisite – you just need a passion for the subject matter!

    What an exciting concept! Today – perhaps more than ever – young people desperately need good role models and mentors. If you’ve always wanted to be involved in the classroom, helping children to understand how to communicate and interpret this world we’ve built for them, here’s your chance to work towards a highly-rewarding and fulfilling new career.

    The government is pushing hard for better adult to child ratios in the classroom. Money is being pumped into schools across the country to help them take on more Teaching Assistants, as this is regarded as the quickest, most cost-effective way to improve the staffing situation. So, in these difficult times, you will never have a better opportunity to work towards getting yourself qualified to operate in this vibrant, positive educational environment.


    One of the key benefits of studying with Distance Learning Plus is that you get access to your full course materials online once you enrol.

    You’ll receive access to our Online Student Community where you’ll be able to view your course materials, submit your work, contact your tutor, and interact with other learners via the online forums.


    A reasonable level of literacy is required, but there are no entry restrictions.

    You just need a keen interest in the subject, and will ideally have studied the subject or ancillary disciplines at a lower level if you want to progress quickly.

    Non-Regulated Qualification Endorsed by Focus Awards under the FQP Scheme

    This is a non-regulated qualification endorsed by Focus Awards under their Focus on Quality Provision (FQP) Scheme.

    Focus Awards is a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) and is regulated by Ofqual. Established 2011, Focus Awards is founded on three core values – Honesty, Integrity and Fairness – that underpin everything they do.

    The FQP scheme is designed to give endorsement to non-regulated qualifications in a wide range of subjects. On successful completion you will receive a Focus Awards Certificate of Achievement and a certificate of completion from Distance Learning Plus.

    Although the materials are comprehensive and informative, we do expect you to carry out your own investigations. After all, if you are not prepared to do your own research, you should be asking yourself if this is the right subject choice for you!

    Although, there are no entry requirements, you do need a reasonable level of literacy to be able to both understand the concepts introduced, and get the most out of the materials.

    Requirements for HLTA’s

    Understanding National Occupational Standards

    Supporting Child Development in School

    Supportive Roles

    Intellectual Development

    Four Specific Areas of EYFS

    Factors affecting child development

    Special Educational Needs

    The SEN Code of Practice 2001

    Special Needs Legislation

    Equality and Diversity and Inclusion

    Common Types of Special Education Needs


    Signs of Dyslexia

    Types of Speech and Language Difficulties

    Signs of Speech and Language Difficulties

    Behavioural, Emotional, and Social Difficulties

    Signs of Behavioural, Emotional, and Social Difficulties

    Autism and Asperger Syndrome?

    Signs of ASD

    What is ADHD?

    Signs of ADHD

    Blindness and Visual Impairment

    Signs of Vision Disabilities

    Supporting Gifted and Talented Pupils

    Working with Small Groups or with the Whole Class Without the Presence of a Class Teacher

    The Importance of Self-Reflection

    Developing Positive Relationships

    Conflict Resolution

    Providing Effective Support for Colleagues

    Communicating With Children, Colleagues, Parents and Carers

    Birth to 12 Months

    12 to 36 Months

    Three to Six Years Old

    Six to 12 Years Old

    12 to 18 Years Old

    Encouraging Expression of Feelings

    Infancy to Age Two

    Ages Two to Four Years Old

    Ages Four to Seven Years Old

    Ages Seven to Ten Years Old

    Ages 10 to 12 Years Old

    Ages 13 to 14 Years Old

    Confidentiality Procedures

    Professional Values and Ethics

    Supporting Teaching and Learning Through Play

    Using Games and Music to Enhance Communication

    Games to Develop Communication Skills

    Behaviour Issues

    Behaviour Legislation

    Behaviour Policy

    The Role of a HLTA in Managing Behaviour

    Behaviour Patterns and Causes of Challenging Behaviour

    Promoting Positive Behaviour

    Curriculum, Planning and Assessment



    Teaching and Learning Resources

    Supporting and Promoting Learning through ICT

    Components of ICT – Software

    ICT in the Curriculum

    Support for ICT Based Learning

    Common Types of ICT Supportive Software for ICT Based Learning

    Issues Surrounding ICT Use

    Personal Professional Development

    Teacher Training Agency

    When you have successfully completed your studies you will receive a certificate of achievement from Focus Awards.

    This is a non-regulated qualification which is endorsed by Focus Awards under the FQP scheme. They are not nationally recognised qualifications; on successful completion of your studies you will receive a Focus Awards Certificate of Achievement and a certificate of completion from Distance Learning Plus.

    Focus Awards is regulated as an Awarding Organisation by Ofqual, the qualification regulators for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Non-regulated qualifications endorsed under the FQP scheme are ideal for professionals required to demonstrate commitment to CPD (Continuous Professional Development), and for those wanting to gain specialist knowledge of a particular subject.

    Who is this for?

    Anybody with a reasonable standard of general education will be able to cope with the academic demands. If you can read and write well enough to complete a job application, and have a good grasp of basic maths (add, subtract and divide) you should have no problems. The learning materials are written in simple everyday language and the answers to your assignments will be completed in the same style. In addition to the comprehensive learning materials provided, you will receive a Study Guide to assist you, and, of course, you will have the support of your tutor.

    What will I cover?

    Your studies will cover the areas of study listed above through detailed exploration of the subject matter. You will also receive tasks and prompts for further personal exploration and research to carry out so that you can gauge how much you have learned. There are plenty of examples to help you but personal research is a prerequisite, so be prepared to use your initiative to fully answer the assignments.

    Is it accredited?

    This is a non-regulated qualification endorsed by Focus Awards under the FQP scheme.

    Although the learning materials are comprehensive and informative, we do expect you to carry out your own investigations. After all, if you are not prepared to do your own research, you should be asking yourself if this is the right subject choice for you!

    Your work is not graded; assignments are simply identified as Pass, Fail or Referred. For assignments not passed at first attempt, your tutor will advise on the improvements to be made to obtain a Pass on a reworking. A certificate of achievement will be issued by Focus Awards on successful completion of all the assignments.

    Is this a nationally recognised qualification?

    No, this is a non-regulated qualification which has been endorsed by Focus Awards under their FQP scheme

    What will my studies prepare me for?

    The learning materials and accompanying tasks will help you to develop the necessary knowledge and confidence to successfully complete the tutor marked assignments. The tasks are designed to encourage you to apply your knowledge, and help you to develop relevant research and academic writing skills.

    If I fail an assignment can I retake it?

    Yes, your tutor will ask you to resubmit your assignment and give you some pointers as to where you could improve.

    How do I send in my work?

    You email your assignments one at a time for marking. This enables your tutor to properly assess the standard and style of your work for each section, and give you feedback which will be used on your next assignment; a process of continuous improvement. On obtaining feedback and comment you will either move on to the next assignment or review and rework the one you submitted.

    What do I receive once I enrol?

    You will receive login details to our Online Student Community. Here you will be able to access your course materials, contact your tutor, submit your work, and interact with other learners via the online forums.

    Is there a time limit or any deadlines?

    Your studies should be completed within 12 months, but can be extended for a small fee if your tutor supports your request. As a rough guide, depending on your circumstances and commitment, you can complete your studies in about 100 study hours. There are no other deadlines to meet.

    Is there a word count for my assignments?

    Although a word count is not given for the tutor marked assignments, it is important that you demonstrate to your tutor that you have fully understood the questions; a comprehensive Study Guide is included with your materials. Many students start slowly at first, but your tutor will give guidance to help and encourage you to improve.

    Do I need a computer to complete my studies?

    Yes, you will need access to email and the internet to access your materials, submit assignments and do research. Most students also find word-processing their assignments is much more convenient than writing by hand.

    Are the learning materials paper-based or online?

    All of the learning materials are online. You will receive a login to the online student community when you enrol, where you will be able to access the full set of materials and assessment tasks for your course.

    What is a higher level teaching assistant?

    A higher level teaching assistant has a similar role to a teaching assistant, however they have much more responsibility.

    Why did you decide to become a HLTA?

    I had worked as a teaching assistant for five years in my local primary school which I very much enjoyed. It was the head teacher that approached me and asked if I would be interested in a promotion and put through a programme to become a higher level teaching assistant. She said that I had been chosen as I had natural leader skills and was competent enough to lead others and teach classes when needed.

    What does a HLTA do on a day to day basis?

    HLTA’s have very similar roles to teaching assistants in regards to supporting children in the class who need extra support, admin tasks, assisting the class teacher in preparing materials and resources needed for lessons etc. Higher level teaching assistants are also required to be ‘leaders’ and would be required to teach lessons where required to cover the class teacher.

    What are the entry requirements to become a HLTA?

    In order to have HLTA status you would need the school where you are currently employed to put you through the training programme for HLTA status.

    What can I expect to earn as a HLTA?

    HLTA’s can earn from £16,000 – £22,000 a year depending on area, employer and responsibilities.

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