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Design And Technology Education

Posted November 1943, 2021 by admin & filed under Distance Learning Plus News.


Design and technology are phenomenally important subject areas that can inspire young people to develop the skills and abilities to engage positively with products and systems design. “Design and technology” as a collective area of study involve learning how manufacturing works and how to be innovative. It also involves the use of creativity through a variety of resources including multiple digital technologies.

It is important that design and technology are logical, creative, and practical. Learning the disciplines and techniques available through design and technology can prepare you for careers in sectors such as engineering or information technology. We must all understand the significance of design and technology in the UK and global economy. It would be beneficial to open and engage young minds in learning this at an early age. Exposing them to the relevance of design and technology can only increase their interest and engagement in this area.

The study of design and technology focuses on planning, designing, and creating things (called “products”) which people use. Some of the questions you could ask yourself to determine whether design and technology are sufficiently interesting to spend time on studying might include the following:

  • Do you like problem-solving?
  • Do you consider yourself a creative person?
  • Do you always have great and new ideas?

If your answers are all YES, then there is a high probability you would enjoy studying within the design and technology sector.

This study area is huge; all products need design and technology, whether food, graphics, textiles, clothing or electronics.

Distance Learning Plus has several interesting high-quality courses for the design and technology space. Currently, they offer digital photography, interior design, and web design. If you are interested in any of these courses, visit the website at www.distancelearningplus.com to learn more.

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