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Distance Learning Plus News

Foundation Course

Posted October 2946, 2021 by admin & filed under Distance Learning Plus News.


Why would someone bother taking a foundation course? Should you consider this a waste of time or money? Who are the most appropriate people to study this kind of course?

The foundation course is intended and designed to act as a bridge between your current non-UK qualifications and UK university undergraduate entry requirements. It typically plugs academic gaps.

A foundation course year bridges the gap if you don’t have the right qualifications to go straight on to an undergraduate degree program. It helps you develop a broad introduction to the subjects of your choice and could also provide an advantage or boost to your academic study and English language skills.

So, are foundation courses worthwhile? Are they worth the significant investments of time and money they demand? After all, a foundation course will delay the start of your undergraduate studies at the very least, assuming you are otherwise eligible.

The answer is yes if you are aiming to go to University but don’t meet the entry requirements for different reasons (i.e., not one of those listed above). The foundation course can be considered a necessary stepping-stone on the journey into the world of higher education.

If you feel foundation courses are relevant or applicable to your future endeavors then check out one of the most reputable online distance learning providers in the UK. Go to https://www.distancelearningplus.com to see the available high-quality learning materials from professionally qualified tutors and practitioners.

Although these courses are not true foundation courses (these are only available from certain providers), Distance Learning Plus has a range of skills courses that can help with obtaining employment while setting yourself up in the UK, and the interaction with your professional tutor will also be beneficial on your journey to undergraduateship. Good luck!

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